Mohamed Hafez


A 24 years old From Menouf , Menofia, Egypt .

Graduated form a Faculty of Science - Department of math and Computer Science in 2011 Then Take Pre-Master Computer Science in 2013 Finally preparing for Master in BigData.

Programer/Coder/Lover/like Software Engineering and Computer Sceince as it is ! So try to improve my skills and share it in building the future.

mozillian #Geek #Father #Researcher #Egyption #Volunteer #TEDxShibinelKom


arabic mozilla, mozilla egypt


Arabisch, Englisch


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  • Unbekannter Bürge

    He is most energetic Mozilla Rep from Arabian community and specially from Egypt. His commitment and contribution for Mozilla is unquestionable. I wish him very good luck.

  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    Mohamed is one of the active contributers in Egypt, especially in l10n project .

  • Wissam Imad Alazzam

    Mohamed is a key member of Mozilla Egypt community , an active Mozillian especially in l10n project .

  • Mohammad Abumuailek

    Mohamed is a hyperactive member in the Mozilla Egypt Community, you can't get by Arabic Mozilla without noticing his lovely contribution.

  • Noureddine Bellounis

    Mohamed is one of the active contributers in Egypt, he is doing a great job with the Community of Egypt, i met him during the Arabic Meetup 2014.

  • Eslam Mahmoud

    Mohamed is an active member in Mozilla Egypt community provided a lot of help in different events.

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