Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

محمود القضاة

Remo , l10n , Addons , firefox, RTL, speaker ,Regional coach


Software Developer and Ethical Hacker , Mozilla Representative, from jordan irbid. Office hours :


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business administration, business and management, css, ethical hacking, graphic design, html, java, javascript, marketing, open source, sql


Arabisch, Englisch

Externe Benutzerkonten

  • Skype: mahmood.qudah


  • Areej Ahmad Amer

    Mahmood has been always an activist on many levels of contributions in Mozilla Jordan Community specially Add-ons ,bugs fixing and localization , he has shown great efforts in organizing events and community building in his university .

  • Manel Rhaiem

    Mahmoud is one of the active team in the Arabic Localization

  • Ahmed Nefzaoui

    From Mozilla Jorda, Mahmood is very active in the localization area and he's a top contributor for especially Firefox OS Arabic localization.

  • Rami Khader

    Mahmoud is one of my Mentee and he is one of the top localizer in the Arabic community for Firefox OS

  • Wissam Imad Alazzam

    Mahmoud is an active member of mozilla Jordan community and he is best know for his localization to Arabic contribution .

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