Mozillianer seit 6 Jahren Nov 2014
Orlando, Florida, United States
15:57 US/Eastern
IRC : Silne30

John Dorlus

Sr. Test Engineer - Services[Telemetry]


I write code to solve problems. Testing problems, product problems, the user's problems....any of them. The quality of the user experience is the focus. Test automation seems to fit that niche quite well.

I jump into issues and hit the ground running. Stack Overflow is my friend but not a crutch.


qa, web development, coding, developer tools, automation, webqa, test pilot, telemetry, cloud services, python


angular js, automated testing, bower, css, docker, express js, git, html, java, javascript, jenkins, linux, mac osx, marionette, node js, python, selenium webdriver, telemetry, virtualbox, web development


Englisch, Haiti-kreolisch


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  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

  • Matt Brandt

    John is a fairly active contributor. Mainly focusing on completing test automation tasks. Thank you for being a Mozillian!

  • Rebecca Billings

    John is a very motivated contributor who has already made an impact on our team. A fast learner who looks for new challenges, & who also aims to be the most helpful - a successful combination!

  • Tony Chung

    Been ramping up and learning to test automation with marionette on Firefox OS. Already seeing great questions from John!

  • Stephen Donner

    Already contributed and a welcome member of Web QA, starting with test-automation -- looking forward to continued collaboration!

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