Ayah Soufan

آية صوفان


Ayah Soufan is Quality Assurance Engineer since 2012, and she is Techwomen 2015. Also, she is Mozilla Tech Speaker. Besides, she is the Regional Ambassadress of Technnovation challenge. Moreover, she is the co-founder of Palestine Tech Meetups. Ayah is the Arab Women In computing VP for Palestine chapter.


.html, .php, acceptance testing, android, automation testing, browser testing, manual testing, smoke testing


  • Ali Spivak

    Ayah is a trained Mozilla Tech speaker

  • Emma Irwin

    I met Ayah as part of my workshop visualizing Mozilla connections, she has a wonderful vision for her community, and I am happy to welcome her as a Mozillian.

  • Krupa Raj

    Ayah is one of the awesome Techwomen who have been collaborating with us.

  • Larissa (Brown) Shapiro

    Ayah is part of the 2015 TechWomen cohort and has been working hard on both community QA and on building Mozilian Palestinian community. She is an awesome addition and I vouch her with enthusiasm.

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