United Kingdom
IRC : akerbeltz

Michael “Akerbeltz” Bauer


Primary background in linguistics and translation (Scottish Gaelic).



  • GunChleoc

    Michael has provided many high-quality Scottish Gaelic translations, not just for Mozilla. He is also a gifted lexicographer who runs what has become our biggest dictionary and has helped to create much of the technical terminology that we use in Scottish Gaelic software translation.

  • Francesco Lodolo

    Michael is an active member of the Scottish Gaelic (gd) localization team, his love for languages is also a great resource for other l10n teams.

  • Jeff Beatty

    Michael leads the Scottish Gaelic localization effort and has been regularly mentoring newcomers to the Mozilla localization program. He's successful mentor and a disciplined localizer that has been a shining example within the community.

  • Kevin Scannell

    Michael serves Mozilla as the primary Scottish Gaelic localiser, as maintainer of the Scottish Gaelic spellchecking addon, and as a strong voice on behalf of small language communities.

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