Ahmad Ziad Abdallah


Ahmad Mawdood Ziad Abdallah 5/6/1994 study design at yarmouk uni

mozilla reps


addons, graphic design, jordan mozilla community, arabic mozilla, python, add-ons, addonmaker, firefox student ambassadors, mozilla jordan community, mozilla jordan meetup #1


basic html and css, business and management, graphic and industrial design, hr, marketing


Arabisch, Englisch

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  • Rami Khader

    Ahmad is part of Mozilla Jordan and Arabic Mozilla. He contribute as a designer and helped to organise events with other mozillians.

  • Mohammed Migdadi

    Ahmad Ziad is a great designer, Design at Mozilla Jordan community is his responsibility

  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    Ahmad is an active member of mozilla Jordan community and he is one of the localizer in the Arabic community for Firefox OS

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