Md. Shafayet Islam

Localization,WebMaker,Android and Web Development,Add-On Making


fsa, linux, nsufsa, bangladesh


android development, c, coding, css 3, html, html 5, ios, java, php, python, research, xml


Bengalisch, Englisch, Hindi


Externe Benutzerkonten


  • Raiyad Raad

    Shafayet Islam is a great webmaker mentor and Firefox OS localizer. He has been helping to arrange events in his university.

  • Ratul Minhaz (Minhazur Rahman)

    As an active Firefox Student Ambassador, Shafayet has been helping to organize events at his university with their Firefox Club. He is also a Firefox OS localizer and an active contributor to bn_BD SUMO.

  • Tanha Islam

    Shafayet has been webmaker mentor as well as an active Firefox OS localizer. He joined as FSA and did a good amount of contribution.

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