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Liz Sands

Privacy Ninja


I teach people about net neutrality, user privacy and tracking. Using Lightbeam and Do Not Track, I help web users understand the pros and cons of tracking cookies as well as how to manage them. Continually looking for opportunities to build onto the Privacy Pathway to make it easier for volunteers to track their contributions.

I study Biology and hope to transition into Tech when I finish my degree. My rescue puppy Luna thinks I'm a great fit for any career that lets me work with her curled up next to me. We live in a cold mountain valley but yearn for the sunny beach. Cage-fighting didn't work out.

I threw in my two cents for a Mozilla Utah Privacy Day Video you can find on Youtube and designed a Privacy Tuesday educational flyer. Long been planning an entertaining, not-yet-feasible "what's in that cookie?" educational video.

I tracked down our film distributor to help negotiate a licensing deal for screenings of the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply. Collaborated with a fantastic team of privacy advocates and community builders to create an application process for Mozillian stewards to show this film in their community spaces. In July, we held our test-run screening in Salt Lake City, UT and launched the live application this August.

I helped write "safe web use" section for NNEDV's Browser Safety & Privacy Guide for their 2014 Tech Summit. My bleeding heart strongly advocates for survivors to own their personal data and privacy.

When put on the spot at otherwise deserted conference booths, I talk to people about Firefox OS and Firefox for Android, sneaking in bits of privacy education. Ask about my beautiful dog and I will gush over endless photos.


mozilla utah, privacy, feminism, activists, do not track, security


evangelism, fighting the power, ninja, privacy, sticking it to the man


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  • Jeff Beatty

    Liz is a leader in the Mozilla Utah community. She's passionate about privacy education and promoting the freedom of the Web to the world. She's been involved in privacy, community building, and wiki at the 2014 All Hands work week and a speaker on privacy awareness at OpenWest and MozFest.

  • Larissa (Brown) Shapiro

    Liz works tirelessly to build Mozilla community in Utah, and has run privacy events, worked at booths, and co-led a session this year with me at the Mozilla Festival, about privacy.

  • Gordon P. Hemsley

    Liz is a Privacy Ninja.

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