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Madrid, Madrid, Spain
01:01 Europe/Madrid
IRC : Breaking_Pitt

Pedro Garcia Rodriguez



As part of the Mozilla Community I am an active member of the QA and testing team of Mozilla Messaging since 2010, as well as active translator and very proud member of Mozilla Hispano community since 2009.


beards, galicia, it, madrid, mozilla hispano, pontevedra, qa, sf-monument, summit2013, sumo, sumomo, support, thunderbird


chef, devops, linux system admin, puppet


Englisch, Spanisch, Galicisch

Externe Benutzerkonten


  • Francisco Picolini

    One of the greatest contributors in the Spanish community. He not only managed several times to have the Thunderbird documentation in SUMO translated at 100%, he also helped to localize and do some QA for Mozilla products. A great person and contributor.

  • Rosana Ardila

    Pedro has been one of the most active SUMO contributors for Spanish. Not only has he translated many articles but he has also always encoraged new volunteers, mentored them and motivated the team to hit goals. Pedro is not only a great localizer but also a fantastic ommunity leader,

  • Rubén Martín

    Spanish SUMO hero, Mozilla Hispano core contributor and beard farmer, Pedro has been involved with mozilla for a long time helping with localization and has been key for the success of several projects.

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