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IRC : Areej_Amer

Areej Ahmad Amer


HELLO! I’m Areej.

Major:B.Sc in Business Information Technology

University: The University of Jordan

• FireFox Student Ambassador and a club lead since 2013

• ReMo since Jan ,2015

• Contributing to Mozilla in WoMoz /Jordan.

• Web enthusiast and educator.

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firefox student ambassadors, firefox, asia, womoz, css, html, speaks:en, fx-team, community builders, bugzilla, fsa, html5, public relations, sf-monument, arabic mozilla, l10n:translation, famous photo star, mozilla guides, mozilla jordan meetup #1, jordan mozilla community, techspeakers


communication skills, css3, e-marketing, html5, php5, presentation skills, time management


Arabisch, Englisch, Französisch


Externe Benutzerkonten


  • Ali Spivak

    Areej is a trained Mozilla Tech speaker

  • Albarr D Muzarin

    Miss Areej is one of the Best mentor, leader and my teacher in FSA Program. She is a multi-talented contributor with a very strong drive to do good and help others. She is my inspiration and I learned lot of things from her .

    Jazak Allahu Khayran (جزاك اللهُ خيرًا)

  • Tanay Pant

    Areej has been doing a great work as an FSA, contributing to Webmaker's TeachTheWeb initiative and is a participant of the WoMoz community!

  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    I have known Areej From the FSA Program , she has the right presentation skills and showed an oeffort representing women in technology thru WoMoz community , and contributed as well in localization and open web education.

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