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Teri Charles

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I'm a software tester in Boulder, Colorado.


a bit of python, agile testing, basic html and css, black-box testing, browser testing, bug testing, cross browser testing, exploratory testing, functional testing, javascript basics, manual testing, mobile qa, mobile testing, qa analyst, qa with a little python knowledge, regression testing, software testing, ui testing, usability testing, web qa, web testing




  • William Reynolds

    Teri contributes to QA for, helping the team fully think through new features and fix other issues. She has lots of experience with exploratory testing and has already made a meaningful impact with the team in her first few weeks.

  • Matt Brandt

    Teri has been fantastic. While casting the net wide, looking and learning about our projects and community, she has helped refine our onboarding docs while working through tasks. Glad to have her as part of our team.

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