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Člen Mozillian 5 let Jul 2015
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
22:49 Canada/Eastern
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Sylvain Giroux

reviewer for

O členu

I'm a part-time reviewer and peer mentor for Mozilla Add-ons team.

For my full time job, I develop and lead the development of web browser extensions on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Besides web programming I also build C++ projects such as anti-malware, antiphising and security applications.

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amo, nightly user, thunderbird, javascript, html5, add-on reviewers


c++, css, css3, git, html, html5, javascript, jquery, json, lamp, mercurial, nsis, php, postgresql, xml


Angličtina, Francouzština

Externí účty


  • Scott DeVaney

    One of our most astute curators of featured content on the AMO Feature Board.

  • Noitidart

    Absolutely helpful member. He really gets close and personal to users looking for help who pop onto IRC or email AMO-Editors for support - this is really a priceless contribution he makes! He even goes beyond and helps with localization for French too! I can't do justice to explain his help on a personal level on a case by case basis.

  • David Weir

    its good to have a new person to the AMO reviewer team, PS you have done a good job getting this far

    ENjoy being part of the AMO review team

  • Jorge Villalobos

    Experienced add-on developer and now member of the AMO reviewer team.

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