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Muhammad Shafique Patni

Contributing in various project such as: Webmaker, L10N, SUMO.

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I am Shafique Patni, Believe to work in a team and always loving to help and lead team.

I did M.B.A. in Marketing and H.R., & i am enthusiastic to contribute mozilla open source community and leading local Mozilla Community Indore (Region). I involved in many project of mozilla from last 3 years, good thing is that I support and contribute a lot as a mozillian. Important project contribution in user research project, webmaker, hive network, supporting localisation in urdu, Marketing for FirefoxOS and Mobile. Also getting involvement of media/PR for Firefox OS Bus & Local region, MozCafe weekly Activities in Region. Always supporting and teaching local community. Personal Blog:

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add-ons, apps, communications, creative, graphics, localization, marketing, mobile, people, policy, program management, recruiting, summit2013, support, thunderbird, qa, 2013 summit, 2013summitassembly


add ons, business development, events, firefox, firefox os, sumo, thunderbird, user reaserch and many things, user research, webmaker


Arabština, Angličtina, Hindština, Urdština

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  • Vaibhav Bajaj

    Shafique made a great contribution by contructing path ways for Indore region of our community, he did number of events and gave good Mozillians to Mozilla.

  • William Reynolds

    Shafique has made a great impact as a Mozilla Rep, including organizing multiple events in the Mozilla Community Indore and being very involved with that group. As his Reps mentor, he is a pleasure to work with and great at planning. He has been contributing since 2012.

  • Mrinal Jain

    Shafique sir is very good at leading, and also he is active all the time. I found him participated in various projects of Mozilla He is an active contributor and passionate volunteer from Mozilla Community Indore. He is driving different domain projects/workshops in Indore.

  • Faisal Aziz

    Shafique is leading Mozilla Community Indore since 2012. he is passionate contributor and community leader.


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