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I am serving as captain of Mozilla Teach The Web, USICT, New Delhi, India since August 2014. I am leading [Wings of Fire, Moz GGSIPU] ( My blogs can be found here. I have also served as lead club, take back the web with being ranked 1 with 9 prototypes. Recently organized teach the web session which saw the participation of 130 students in different courses such as python, php and front end among others. Sharing the knowledge is my passion and would love to contribute to Mozilla by the teaching and coaching.

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.css3 html5 java php, advance c++ programming, apache spark, beginner graphic designer, java, javascript, pyspark, python


Němčina, Angličtina, Francouzština, Hindština, Maithiliština, Sanskrt


  • Anup Kumar Mishra

    Rajiv has contributed into various projects since he has joined Mozilla community in 2015. He is one of the core contributors of Mozpacers. He has shown great contribution skills in take back the web campaign and other projects. His blog link is

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