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Člen Mozillian 4 let Mar 2014
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
19:05 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : karthic

Karthickeyan Narasimhan

CAC member, Mozilla Tech Speaker, WebVR Facilitator @ MozillaTN

O členu

I am a Full Stack Web Developer by profession and volunteer for Mozilla as a Tech Speaker. I am an open source enthusiast and have given numerous talks on Open Source technologies in various events & conferences. I mobilize contributors to contribute to WebVR project in Tamilnady community. I'm also a part of the Mozilla Campus Advisory Committee which empowers the college students by helping them out contributing to open source projects. I also serve as featured Addons board member for the Firefox Addons Community.

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firefox, firefoxos, firefox student ambassadors, mozilla india, mozspeakers, community builders, engagement, foundation, developer documentation, marketing, webmaker, people, contributor engagement, india, recruiting, localization, mozillians chennai, sumo, mozilla tamilnadu community, techspeakers, sf-monument


.javascript, a software tester, active public speaker, adobe photoshop, c and c++, community builder, database design, event planning and management, office, open source evangelist, software developer, sound editing, technology evangelist, web designer


Angličtina, Hindština, Kannadština, Tamilština

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  • Biraj Karmakar

    Karthic is an active Mozilla Community member who has been empowering his local community. He did a fantastic job as RAL in FSA program by recruiting many FSAs in India. His contribution towards in Mozilla is very promising.

  • Dinesh Mv

    Karthic is the new RAL for FSA in India and a Webmaker Mentor. He is a Mozilla Evangelist and has given numerous talks. He is much into community building and Engagement and has played an important role in building the Mozilla Tamilnadu Community and also recruited many FSA's in and around Tamilnadu. He has done significant contributions to MDN, L10N and Webmaker.

    Happy to vouch him

  • Mehul Patel

    Karthic is one of the most active, leading, good speaker, an OpenSource enthusiastic and passionate contributors I have seen. He is contributing in L10n, MDN and community building,etc. He is very active member of Mozilla Tamil Nadu Community.

    Distance doesn't matter, this vouch proves it. Happily vouch Karthic.


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