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Člen Mozillian 7 let Jan 2013
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
22:36 Indian/Mahe
IRC : dunebuggie

Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

MLN India Taskforce Lead, Community Builder and Mozilla Rep

O členu

Mozilla Rep involved in various Mozilla initiatives like SuMo, Army of Awesome, Community Building, Teaching the web etc. Regionl Coordinator for Mozilla Clubs. Loves to teachtheweb. Initiated KidZilla, a project aimed at teaching school kids the basics of computing and starting a Webmaker School Club. Also conducted various Outreach activities in and around Chennai region in India. Currently in Bangalore working on building communities for a living

Recognition Preferences :

  • Being Encouraged : Emails, Social media

  • Being Recognized : Swags, Badges, Certificates

  • Being Thanked : Email, social media etc.

My story on Mozilla's contribute page


army of awesome, communications, community management, creative, evangelism, marketing, mozilla india, open badges, sf-monument, thimble, web dev, web development, webfwd, webmaker, firefox student ambassadors, repsmozfest2014, mozillians chennai, community builders, marketpulse community, techspeakers


advertising, communication, community building, cplusplus, event management, hacking, social media marketing, web designing


Angličtina, Hindština, Malajálamština, Tamilština

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  • Midhun Manoj

    Mozilla Reps, Active contributor in Webmaker project, Community Builder. We call him MozKutty :)

  • Naresh kumar

    Mozilla rep actively involved with engagement and recruitment activities in Chennai region

  • Emma Irwin

    Mozilla Rep, Webmaker contributor in so many aspects most notably Kidzilla, webmaker club, Mozcamp and Hive India.

  • Neznámý schvalovatel

    An active Mozilla Rep, into CB and initiated stellar events-type in India. All time mozilla Chennai ka hero :)


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