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Tim Caswell


O členu

Lover of all things good in life, including Family, Friends, Food, and Functional Programs. Nodejs hacker and teacher.

Also creator and maintainer of and many other mad-science projects.

Always pushing boundaries of open software and finding new ways to help programmers have fun while getting work done.


css, games, git, graphics, html, javascript, lua, protocol-parsers


Angličtina, Španělština

Externí účty


  • Eddy Bruel

    Tim wrote a Firefox OS app called "git browser" and regularly gives Firefox tech demos.

  • Michael Henretty

    Tim Caswell is a prolific open source contributor, with many popular projects including js-git, nvm and step. He also contributes regularly to the Mozilla project with bugs reports. He also has the Firefox Marketplace app called git-browser. He is indeed a Mozillian.

  • Irakli Gozalishvili

    creationix did ton of open source projects to make web a better platform.

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