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Člen Mozillian 7 let Feb 2013
Abidjan, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
00:21 Africa/Abidjan
IRC : Chris Brian Hui

Tano Kan - Man Hui Chris Brian


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My name is Brian and I work on the Mozilla Community Engagement team of Cote d'Ivoire I am Mozilla Reps and firefox student ambassador, community Manager, Regional Marketing Ambassador and webmaker Mentor of Sub Saharaan West Africa area.

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accessibility, add-ons, apps, coding, communications, creative, developer documentation, evangelism, graphics, localization, mobile, open badges, people, persona, program management, recruiting, sf-monument, support, systems administration, web development, webfwd, qa, marketing


blogging, coaching, communications, community management, html5, localization, marketing, photography, public speaking, writing


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    Brian is a awesome mozillian. He inspired many people in our local community including me. He is a person who facilitated my integration. Brian is a great leader that I admire :-). Thank you Brian

  • Robert Sayles

    Tano, is a huge asset to Mozilla and glad to have him as a Mozilla Rep.

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