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Suchita Agarwal


assembly language, c, c plus plus, embedded c, graphic designer, linux, matlab


Angličtina, Hindština, Maráthština

Externí účty


  • Mayur Patil

    Suchita has great contribution towards Firefox related activities i.e. Activism and Evangelism. Her enthusiasm in trying new things and making them done successfully keep her active across the Mozilla Firefox. She is also having good skills of Webmaker, WOMOZ, Community Activism. This is the vouch for her activism !! Keep up good work !!!

  • Priyanka Nag

    Suchita is a very active FSA from Pune and has been doing some great work for the last one year. From hosting the Firefox OS to organizing WoMoz events, Suchita has done them all with great enthusiasm. Suchita always sets a great example for more female contributors by her way of working, whereever she goes.

  • Diwanshi Pandey

    Since last year as an FSA Suchita has contributed in different areas in Mozilla like webmaker, localization, Firefox OS, Womoz. She is the technical lead of their club. She is making a difference in Pune Community by organizing/co-organizing women specific events and helping other fsa(s). She is also a part of a project called "MILE" (Making India Literate) which is an initiative of their club to aware people from rural areas about open source technologies, web literacy , etc.

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