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Paul Wright

SUMO Contributor

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Mozilla has made the web a more interesting and better place for me, I just want to try and give something back.

I currently use;

  • Firefox Nightly (Mozilla build on Xubuntu 18.04)
  • Thunderbird Beta (Mozilla build on Xubuntu 18.04)
  • Firefox for Android Nightly (on Android 8)
  • Pocket for Android Beta (on Android 8)
  • Firefox Rocket Nightly (on Android 8)
  • Firefox for Fire TV (Live App Testing)
  • Firefox Focus for Android (GeckoView Nightly on Android 8)
  • Firefox Reality (on Android 8)
  • Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta (on Android 8)
  • Firefox for Echo Show
  • Spoke (Beta)
  • Reference Browser (on Android 8)

As a SUMO Contributor, I help users of Mozilla software through answering questions on the Support Forum.


  • Space Runner at the 2015 Mozilla Festival in the Participation Space.
  • Attended Orlando Work Week:
    • Clarified method for installing Firefox for Android on Kindle Fire.
    • Discussed how we can improved support of Firefox Sync with the Sync team.
    • Contributed to the all-contributor session.
    • Attended a session on Mozilla Spaces.


  • Attended London All Hands:
    • Learned about how SUMO fits within Marketing.
    • Improved technical understanding of Firefox Sync.
    • Worked to improve gender equality within SUMO Support Forum.
    • Learned more about (and moved to) Nightly.
    • Witnessed Vesper remind people everywhere that "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)", and Guigs lead a Mozillian choir in a rendition of "Hey Jude".
  • Supported SUMO platform migration.
  • Contributed feedback to the Mozilla rebranding.
  • Contributed to Project Voice Bank.
  • Gained experience in and resolving volunteer burnout, how it happens and how to manage it.
  • Acquired a basic working knowledge of BMO.
  • Space Runner at the 2016 Mozilla Festival:
    • Attended a session about TeaLinuxOS,
    • Spoke to participants about moving to Nightly.


  • Figured out how to install Vidyo on Ubuntu.
  • Designed a SUMO desktop background.
  • Took part in the SUMO Day for Firefox 52.
  • Contributed to work to improve diversity in the contributor community.
  • Installed and used mozregression.
  • Reported a bug that was featured on the Joy of Coding (episode 95).
  • Fixed formatting of SUMO common responses on the new support platform.
  • A member of the SUMO Firefox 57 Advocates team.
  • Member of the team that produced Activate Nightly
  • Attended San Francisco All Hands:
    • Wrote and publish a SUMO KB article for Screenshot.
    • Updated the Fennec mobile bookmarks common response.
    • Wrote article for Discourse to encourage Mozillians to test bookmark management in Fennec Nightly.
    • Wrote to the guy I sat next to on the plane with the updated Fennec Kindle article.
    • Attended meeting with the Pocket Support Team.
    • Became a Pocket user/addict.
    • Helped Pocket team to use Mozilla IRC.
    • Testing Pocket Beta app.
    • Helped fellow community member get back into coding.
    • Worked to help Marketing staff understand SUMO.
    • Attended meeting with Sync team.
    • Attended lunch meeting with Bugmaster.
    • Learned how to interpret Soccoro reports.
    • Spotted a “bug” in a rainforest.
  • Edited an article on Wikipedia.
  • Recommended the Bug Bounty programme to someone.
  • Volunteer at 2017 Mozilla Festival
  • Helped land a feature in Firefox Quantum, skipping Nightly.
  • Installed Fennec, Focus and Rocket on Linux laptop.
  • Got a GitHub profile.
  • Helped write common responses for the launch of Firefox Quantum, and helped answer user queries during launch week.
  • Attended the Non-Coding Volunteer Leadership Structures Meet-Up in Berlin.
  • Worked with teams from across Mozilla to improve contributor leadership
  • Granted access to edit the Mozilla Wiki.
  • Attended Austin All Hands:
    • Celebrated the success of the past year.
    • Witnessed SUMO being mentioned in a All Hands plenary for the first time.
    • Helped contributors attending All Hands for the first time.
    • Discussed SUMO plans for 2018.
    • Gained an understanding of Marketing plans for 2018.
    • Helped support a new marketing campaign.
    • Met and thanked Mossop.
    • Met and thanked the Firefox Rocket team.
    • Progressed work begun in Berlin looking at contributor leadership.
    • Demonstrated Anbox to a member of the mobile team.


  • Published my contributor story
  • Published a guide to using Mozilla apps in Anbox.
  • Learned how to take screenshots and screencaptures over the web using ADB.
  • Designed a desktop background using the new Nightly update page and Nightly Dev tools.
  • Wrote a Mozilla Wiki article to help contributors and staff going to their first event.
  • Contributed a desktop for the Berlin Marketing campaign.
  • Attended UK community weekly call.
  • Moved to Thunderbird Beta.
  • Contributed to the Support Sprint.
  • Attended San Francisco All Hands:
    • Submitted feedback from the Support Sprint to the Mobile team to assist with new product design.
    • Went to DNA Pizza.
    • Explored an idea for increased media presence with the Marketing team.
    • Downloaded the IRL podcast.
    • Caught up with the Marketing team about a future initiative.
    • Met some truly awesome interns.
    • Kickstarted the GeckoView Focus Nightly user testing, writing a post the had 580 views in 24 hours.
    • Met and spoke to staff working in new Mozilla products.
    • Met members of the Firefox for Amazon Fire TV team.
    • Helped my roommate tweak GNOME.
    • Explored how the staff onboarding process could be adapted for contributors.
    • Helped a contributor learn more about Firefox for Amazon Fire TV.
    • Updated a Mozilla Wiki article with further guidance for contributors and staff attending their first event.
    • Gained further insight into an analysis of the Mozilla Support community and future community plans.
    • Started to learn how to support users using social media.
    • Wrote a guide to help new contributors to Mozilla Support help users with Mozilla's Android products.
    • Had an update on the Mission-Driven Mozillians workstream.
    • Rode the Powell-Hyde cable car.
  • Had a question asked in my name in the Monthly MoCo call.
  • Started using Notes for Android.
  • Published a guide to help contributors install Firefox Reality on an Android device.
  • Published a guide to help contributors test and support Firefox screenshot.
  • Wrote a script to automate screenshots of Amazon Fire TV using ADB.
  • Volunteered at Mozilla Festival 2018
    • Worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • Learned about Linuxchix, Headless Raspberry Pi, Solid, PAL Open Maps, Project Lantern, Common Voice and Want to make a website using WordPress
  • Made a scene for Hubs using Spoke
  • Publish scripts for taking screenshots and motionshots of Amazon Fire TV to GitHub.
  • Attended Orlando All Hands:
    • Learned about SUMO goals for 2019.
    • Help launch new products to the community.
    • Test a survey for ReMo.
    • Provide feedback on new products to Mozilla staff.
    • Send a golf partner some desktop wallpapers.
    • Learn more about Android.
    • Read about the Orkney Cloud.
    • Made lots of files open and available to all through GitHub.
    • Provided feedback to our Marketing team on the truly excellent IRL Podcast.
    • Learned about new Marketing projects.
    • Said “thank you” to awesome and amazing Mozilla staff.
    • Built a copy of Firefox.
    • Met members of the Mixed Reality team to chat about Firefox Reality and Spoke (Spoke is awesome!).
    • Learn how I can fix some Hub scenes that I made in Spoke.
    • Provided feedback on the Mission Driven Mozillians work.
    • Edited a KB article with help from the ScreenshotGo team.
    • Experimented with video to support SUMO articles.
    • Was privileged to be invited to a couple of meetings with the Mobile team.


  • Attended FOSDEM as part of the Mozilla team.
  • Made some themes in AMO.
  • Helped make new Android products available to the wider community.

What's next?

  • Continue to be a top 25 contributor to SUMO.
  • Support the SUMO community and it's ability to help users.
  • Assist SUMO and the wider Mozilla community in being able to support new products and services.
  • Be a volunteer at MozFest.
  • Make something else.

Access Groups

nda, slack-access


sumo, support, mozfest volunteers, mozfest, uk, ubuntu, nightly user, nightly, firefox nightly, orlando all hands work week 2015




  • Michal Stanke

    Paul is super active around SUMO, always ready to help both users and contributors.

  • William Duyck

    Paul was a MozFest super start this year, and has some great ideas about where the Mozilla UK community could go in the future.

  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    Paul was a local volunteer for the London Mozilla Festival in 2015 where his enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge of all things Mozilla were hugely valuable. His help and advice before, during, and after the event have been greatly appreciated by me personally. As his other vouches prove, Paul is a true and valued Mozillian!

  • Madalina Ana

    Seburo has been of tremendous help in the support forums. Although he is fairly new to the project he is handling it like a pro. We couldn't do it without people like him!

  • David Weir

    Seburo has been helping people with SuMo and has been doing a great job thanks for helping with SuMo

  • Philipp Madersbacher

    Seburo has been helping users on IRC for quite a while and is getting started on SUMO as well :))


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