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sreemegha Guha


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As a software Engineer, data structure interest me and I love using its knowledge in several fields. I am a technology geek, and I love to know about the recent developments in the field of technology and so I keep updating myself. As my past time I love to tease my mind with some brain teasers & puzzles. I love reading novels. More over I love making new friends. Blogs on events I have attended so far:- "BN-IN Fennec Launch Party Kolkata" "Maker Party Kolkata" "FirefoxOS bus" "MozDay Kolkata"

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ajax, asp dot net, c programming, css, html, java, javascript


Bengálština, Angličtina, Hindština

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  • Ayan Choudhury

    She is an active and awesome mozillian from Kolkata.. Some of her contributions are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

  • Priyanka Nag

    Sreemegha is a very passionate Mozillians who is an active localizer. She has also done some awesome webmaking like creating thimble pages and popcorn videos. These are the links to some of her awesome makes: 1) 2)

    Some other links of her great work are: 1) 2)

  • Biraj Karmakar

    She is active contributor in Mozilla Localization and speading the word for WOMOZ


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