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Farooq Saleemi

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I believe in open source softwares and open web for all therefore I joined Mozilla mission.


basic html and css, basics of javascript, beginner java, c and c++, html5, oop



Externí účty


  • Shahmir Khan

    Farooq Saleemi is an active Firefox Student Ambassador at BNU Mozillians - a Firefox club at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, he serves as the club lead there and having a passion for photography, he also covers the local Firefox events ( Farooq has also been involved in the Urdu localization of Mozilla products (

  • Huda Sarfraz

    Farooq Saleemi is the lead of the Firefox Club at Beaconhouse National University ( He is involved in localization efforts ( He has been involved in the organization of Mozilla Pakistan events as well, and has covered them as a photographer (

  • Muhammad Mehmood Ali

    Farooq Saleemi is very active member of BNU Mozillian Club.He has been mainly contributing as community builder, photographer and urdu localizer for firefox os and firefox browser. Mentioned in following blogs:

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