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Člen Mozillian 5 let Jan 2015
New Delhi, NCT, India
23:54 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : CuriousLearner

Sanyam Khurana

Mozilla Rep | Bug Squasher at Mozilla

O členu

I'm a developer who enjoys coding for the web. Currently patching bugs for Mozilla one at a time.

I'm associated with MozPacers (Mozilla Delhi) community and help in conducting events, giving talks, mentoring people and bringing more contributors on-board.

I'm also known as "CuriousLearner" all over the web since Curiousity is the biggest teacher :)

You can find more about me on:

Popis mého přispívání


coding, web development, program management, python, linux, community builders, developer tools, evangelism, mozpacers, add-ons, recruiting, mozilla delhi


a bit of nodejs, angular js, basic java programming, c, c++, css, django, flask, git and github, html, javascript, jquery, mongodb, python


Angličtina, Hindština

Externí účty


  • Ajay Kumar Jogawath

    Sanyam also known by his name "CuriousLearner" is a great asset to Mozilla helping out the newbies to contribute to the different projects in Mozilla. He started his contribution with Webmaker, stumbler and Firefox OS and later started patching bugs for Mozilla. He is an excellent programmer with great mentoring skills helping out the community to grow more. Proud to vouch Sanyam.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Sanyam is an inspiring core contributor who has contributed in various functional teams of Mozilla. Currently he is contributing in Mozpacers as Technical SIG lead. He has taken various initiatives for the community and he has been a great mentor a community can have. His innovations has helped the community in many positive ways. I personally thanks him for the contributions he has made so far and wish him all the very best for his future plans to contribute for Mozilla.

  • Anup Kumar Mishra

    Sanyam is an awesome programmer and a core contributor of Mozilla Delhi . He is one of key initiators of the technical tasks we do in our community . Sanyam has got lots of talent and he equally comes forward to help others. He has done many one and done tasks, contributed in stumbler , webmaker ,Firefox OS and is working on creating Firefox OS apps and other cool apps along with his team . He is an important resource of Mozilla Delhi community.

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