Perfil Mozillian

Raniere Gaia Costa da Silva



Undergraduate apply mathematics who love free software and free knowledge.


firefox, mathml, mozilla brasil, firefoxos, couchsurfing


c, css, html, javascript, python

Altres llengües:

Anglès, Espanyol, Portuguès


Recomanat per

  • Luciana Viana

    Active Brazilian Mozillian

  • Ricardo Luis Zanetti Panaggio

    Raniere has contributed to projects like MathML, Firefox OS, Science Lab and Software Carpentry, and is an active member of the Mozilla Brasil community, participating in a lot of events, helping me organize some of them.

  • Greg Wilson

    Raniere has been a frequent contributor to the Software Carpentry project, and a valuable member of our community.

  • Frédéric Wang

    Raniere has contributed to the Mozilla MathML, Mozilla Science Lab projects and other Firefox OS developments. He has been organizing the regular MathML meetings and has attended some conferences to present the Mozilla projects.

Recomanat per

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