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Mohammad Maruf Rahman

মোহাম্মদ মারুফ রহমান


Hello World ! I am Maruf Rahman. A Computer Science And Engineering graduate. Being involved with Mozilla since 2015, my major contribution field is ‘QA’. Currently, I am one of the moderators of ‘Mozilla QA Bangladesh‘ community.

I have done few researches on data science and machine learning. One of my scientific research paper titled “Impact of Fast Food Consumption on Health: A Study on University Students of Bangladesh” can be found on IEEE Explore.

Would love to get higher degree on ‘Cyber Security’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’!


,python, .css3 html5 java javascript php, a software tester, advanced end web development, advanced java, android deveploment, manual qa, mozilla qa bug reproduce, mozilla qa feature test, qa, qa testing

Altres llengües:

Bengalí, Anglès, Francès, Hindi

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  • Hossain Al Ikram

    Maruf Rahman started contributing in QA by doing various testing activities, Bug Verification and Triage. As part of his contribution in mozilla, he also helps with mentoring in Bangladesh QA Community to mobilize others.

    He is an active soul involved directly with community's day to day QA activities and events and thus helping the Firefox Team's goal by his individual contribution.

    He is making a great effort with all what he canl. Thank you Maruf for helping!

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