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Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
18:43 Asia/Dhaka

Saddam Hossain


QA Contributor


Hi! this is Saddam. I am from Bangladesh. Studying on B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering at Eastern University, Bangladesh. I am a Mozillian.

I love the mozilla mission, to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. I want to contribute Mozilla to build a better Internet. My Contribution areas are following below:

  • Mozilla Quality Assurance.
  • Mozilla Location Service(MLS).
  • Mozilla Webmaker, Thimble.
  • Teach Mozilla.
  • Recomanat per

    • Hossain Al Ikram

      Saddam's involvement in the Bangladesh QA community is very promising. He is skilled with Testing, Bug Verification & Bug Triage. Apart from this, he is highly involved with community's events and mentoring.

      Starting his contribution back in September 2015 by organizing events in his campus for Mozilla, till date, he has been playing vital role in all aspects.

      His direct contribution to the Firefox Team is really inspiring.

      I am glad to Vouch for you, Saddam!

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