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05:10 Asia/Jakarta

Diky Arga Anggara


I Like Programming and I Love Graphic Design too />

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mozilla indonesia, graphics, firefox student ambassadors, firefox, linux, firefoxos, fsa id, techspeakers


basic linux, front end web development, graphic desaign

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Anglès, Indonesi, Javanès


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  • Paul Wright

    I was fortunate enough to attend Diky’s session at the 2016 Mozilla Festival and was very impressed by the work that he is doing to support people in becoming web developers through the provision of open source software.

    The contribution that he is making should serve as an example to others as to what Mozillians can do to help support the web, and their local communities, through open source ideas and software.

  • Yofie Setiawan

    Diky is a passionate Mozillians, that helps on Mozilla projects, such as Webmaker on his campus (UDINUS).

  • Rizki D Kelimutu

    he's an active contributor for webmaker.

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