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Mozillian for 7 years Jun 2013
18:12 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : asifmshuvo

Asif Mahmud Shuvo

Quality Assurance


I am simple Ugliest person who is also code lover physio.

My contribution story


.c, .css3 html5, a bit of php, cms wordpress, graphic design, web design

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Bengalí, Anglès


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  • Hossain Al Ikram

    Shuvo is a long term mozillian involved in community building. He had been contributing in Mozilla in his university and in the community for a good time now.

    Support of people like Shuvo always had been crucial for community's growth. We would always become indebted for what he have done for Mozilla. Whether its about supporting an event, recruiting mozillians or planning, he has always been an inspiration -

    Thank you Shuvo! This had been an exciting journey!

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