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Mozillian for 5 years Mar 2015
18:16 Asia/Dhaka

Forhad Hossain

Contributor in Mozilla QA


Hi, I am Forhad Hossain.I'm studying Computer Science & Engineering.I always trying to learn new things


css, html

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Bengalí, Anglès

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  • Hossain Al Ikram

    Forhad is a deeply involved QA volunteer from bangladesh. I saw him back in March, 2015 in an event where mozillians barely knew him. And even now people don't know him much for his shy nature but there hadn't been any event or activities where he hadn't found him contributing.

    His participation has inspired us always. The work he did for the community whether it was helping with logistics or taking part into a Testing event, he was always ready to help.

    Thank you for all the help, Forhad!

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