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18:46 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : rh nayeem

Rezaul Huque Nayeem

FSA, Quality Assurance, Contributor Recruitment


I am a student of CSE studying in Dhaka Polytechnic Institute and volunteer in mozilla.

I believe in the open web and I see that mozilla is trying to make the web free . It is the main reason I love mozilla and want to work with Mozilla for better web.


localization, qa


.css2 css3 html php, c, c++ language

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  • Facebook: rhnayeem01
  • Phone (Mobile): +8801722531373
  • Skype: rh.nayeem

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  • Hossain Al Ikram

    Nayeem is an outstanding QA Contributor. He started contributing after having hands on knowledge about QA from QA Marathon Dhaka (A 2 day long offline event about QA) and after that event, he never missed any opportunity of contributing in Firefox's Desktop QA. I really like his enthusiast about contributing in QA.

    I believe , he will continue his journey and I would love to see him contributing in QA, later too.

    I am happy to vouch for what he did! Thank you, Nayeem.

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