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Mozillian for 3 years Jul 2017
Adana, Turkey
04:56 Europe/Istanbul

Ömer Timur


l10n:tr, sumo

Altres llengües:

Anglès, Turc

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  • Mozilla Support: OmTi

Recomanat per

  • Rachel McGuigan

    Ömer participates in the SUMO community once in a while to the support questions forum. He is a fantastic localizer and is a key part of the Turkish support community at Mozilla.

  • Madalina Ana

    We're super happy and proud to have Ömer as part of the SUMO community, he is one of the top SUMO localizers and an awesome person altogether.

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Ömer has been working tirelessly on making Mozilla accessible to Turkish speakers. Thank you, Ömer!

  • Selim Şumlu

    Ömer has been our top contributor on the Turkish SUMO KB in 2017, localizing and updating most of the top 50 articles.

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