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Mozillian for 2 years Nov 2017
Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
04:39 Europe/Kiev

Michael Yusko

Trying to write clean code.


Hey there, I'm Mike from beautiful city Lviv, and I'm an open source enthusiast.

An open source, would provide a new technical, and soft skills, also provides an opportunity to meet with cool people

My favorite language is Python, but also interested in Javascript and Go.

In few words about myself, I just love my family, and coding.

When I have a free time, I love to play ping-pong, or travels(mountains), or just to spend time with my family.


python, javascript, go

Altres llengües:

Anglès, Polonès, Rus, Ucraïnès

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  • Joel Maher

    Mike has been regularly hanging out on irc and always looking for a new bug to work on.

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