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Mozillian for 6 years Feb 2014
17:22 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : fahmida_noor

Fahmida Noor

Mozilla QA Contributor , FSA ,Coding , Writing blogs , Organize events


I am Fahmida Noor from Bangladesh . I am studying B.Sc in Computer Science And Engineering at East West University .

As Mozilla's mission and vision is towards an open web for all , that's why I am Contributing in Mozilla QA Community. Working in Mozilla QA Community seems interesting to me because working with different kinds of bugs gives me an idea about different sides of bugs . I learned a lot of new things by contributing in Mozilla Community. I feel that it doesn't waste my time . And I feel happy to volunteer in Mozilla :D


basic c++, basic java, bugzilla, c, qa tester

Altres llengües:

Bengalí, Anglès, Hindi


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  • Hossain Al Ikram

    Fahmida is an inspiring mozillian contributing towards QA from last year. She loves to go slow, but go strongly while contributing. She has been playing actively with bugs in Bugzilla and helping the Desktop QA Team. Aside from that, she test features and files bug!

    Being an core contributor, She also helps people by mentoring in QA events. She is also a FSA and helps out by co hosting events in her university!

    Thank you Fahmida for all of your contribution! It's an honour to vouch you!

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